Lviv is…

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    21 Березня
    Lviv is…

    Про життя, культуру та бізнес у Львові. Чудове відео від Lvivland!
    Центр Шептицького там теж є😊

    LvivLand – Your videopedia about life, culture and business in Lviv.
    And infrastructure is a very important area to comprehend life, business, and development of Lviv.

    The modern city with growing manufacturing, entrepreneurship and creative people, which is enhancing its opportunities from year to year.
    This is what we do in Lviv, this is how we live.
    Open it!

    Thanks for support, Department of International Technical Assistance and International Cooperation, and Eco-Optima LLC.

    Upd.: dear friends, since there are some questions towards the information in the video, we have to admit, there is a kind of substitution of concept. Therefore, there are 300 hotels in Lviv, but approximately 1500 apartments.


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