The Fund for Special Collections

  • Special Collections Fund is one of the most important parts of the Library. This fund contains an extensive collection of early printed books on a variety of topics: Irmoloy, The Book of Hours, Menaion Reader, Apologios, Church books, Octoechos, The Apostles, Psalters, Anthologions, Service Books, Lives of the Saints etc. The collection of ancient printed religious publications is one of the most complete collections of similar printed artifacts in Ukraine. Currently, the fund boasts of the only complete set of shamatites of the Greek Catholic Church in Ukraine.

  • This fund contains a valuable collection of rare books on a wide variety of topics, e.g. Vasyl Lypynsky’s “A Letter to Brothers-Farmers”, a German-language scientific publication by Yu. Pelekh “The History of the Greek Catholic Church” in 2 vol., Latin Grammar textbook compiled by Juliy Kobylyansky (the famous writer Olga Kobilyanska’s father), a well-known yet extremely rare work by Volodymyr Sichynsky, “Notes on the History of World Art,” etc.

    We have a large number of autographs and signatures of well-known church, public and cultural figures. The most famous ones include the autographs of Klymentiy Sheptytsky, Seriy, Mykhailo and Oleksandr Hrushevsky etc.

  • The Fund of Periodicals is also an extremely important part of the Ukrainian Catholic University’s Library. The 19th and 20th centuries’ periodicals include popular scientific publications from different regions of contemporary Ukraine such as The Literary and Scientific Herald or Kievskaya Starina, Meta, Byzantine Vremennik, NTSh’s Notes (trans. Taras Shevchenko Scientific Society Notes), Ethnographic Collection, The News of Europe, Native Land, Krakow News, The Bells and a comprehensive collection of religious periodicals such as The Voice of the Savior, Good Shepherd, The Times of the Stavropian Institute and others.

  • Moreover, there is another part of the collection including personal archives of prominent scholars, patrons, church leaders and public organizations which the Library is proud of. In particular, it refers to personal archives collected by:

    • Mykola Chubatyi
    • Ihor Shevchenko
    • Ukrainian Samvydav
    • Polish Samvydav
    • Myroslav Lesiv
    • Mykola Henyk-Berezovsky and many others.