Library Rules

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    At the entrance to the library, please:

    • - show a library card;
    • - in case you would like to bring in your own book, it is important to get a permission from the librarian at the reception desk.

    Book search is available online via the  electronic catalog.

    The reader may use library collections available in reading rooms, a special fund for researchers (books that are freely accessible) and a book depositary (by ordering a book in advance).

    In case you need to order a book from a book depositary, you may do it online with the help of the e-catalog (see the link above). The books are delivered twice a day (at 12:00 and 16:00).


The subscription is available to full-time students, UCU teachers and staff only:

  • Undergraduate students may take 5 books for 5 days and prolong this period for up to 5 days more.
  • Master students, graduate students, licensors, teachers and employees may take 10 books for 14 days and may prolong this period for 7 days more.

After you have used the books in the reading rooms, please do not put them back on the shelves on your own. They shall be left on special tables. Books can be left for future use on the table but for up to 3 days only. Special fund books and theses must be returned to the library’s reception desk the same day when they are used. Books from other rooms are to be returned to the rooms in which they were found. Books ordered from the depositary are stored on the Orders Table during 3 days.

The subscription does not include:

  • encyclopedias and reference publications;
  • books from teachers’ shelves;
  • books from the art hall;
  • books from the rare books fund;
  • thesis works;
  • periodicals.

Services for UCU Library Readers:

  • Wi-fi

  • Excursion by appointment

  • Oral consultation of librarians in search of sources of information