Electronic delivery of documents


Electronic Document Delivery (EDD) is a service that enables users to remotely request digital scans of journal articles (or book chapters) from the Ukrainian Catholic University Library collection.


Please note!

  • You can request a partial scan of an eligible item (up to 15% of the total volume of printed text) for private, educational, or research purposes.
  • We can photocopy the entire work if it is not under copyright restrictions (Article 10, Law of Ukraine, “On Copyright and Related Rights”).
  • We do not photocopy the materials from “The Fund of Special Collections.”


For searching for specific material, use our electronic catalog


Proceeding with the order:

  1. The Customer searches for the required publication in the electronic catalog.
  2. Fills out the inquiry form to receive a photocopy of the material.
  3. The librarian, after receiving and reviewing the availability of the required order in the library fund, sends the Customer(s) an email confirming the order, its cost, and the payment method.

*The UCU Library staff determines the possibility of fulfilling the order. If for a reason, the service cannot be performed, the customer will be notified by email.

The photocopies of finalized orders will be sent by email to the customer’s address; according to the mailbox limits, the file size cannot exceed 15 MB.


Term of order completion

We endeavor to complete the order in up to 3 business days, and if it needs additional bibliographic research – 5 business days.

If the requested item was handed to another reader before the ordering, the completion period might be extended up to 14 calendar days.


Service Fee

The order will be sent after receiving the total payment in advance on the UCU account.

The fee for the one-page photocopy:

– for UCU students, professors, and staff is UAH 1.50;

– for all others – UAH 2.50.


The format of the digital copy is JPEG.


The UCU students, professors, and staff can also use the service provided by our partners, the Ukrainian Evangelical Theological Seminary (UETS).

The fee for the one-page photocopy is UAH 1.50

* Please take notice of the bank interest, which we will explain in detail at the ordering.

For searching for a specific material, use their electronic catalog

For more information and to order a photocopy, please contact: [email protected].


Responsibilities of the parties

➜  All obtained photocopies from the library are for “fair use” only and must be used only for private study, scholarship, or research.

➜  It is forbidden to reproduce the acquired photocopies in any other form, except for one-time printing of an electronic file, or to transfer photocopies to other persons or organizations.

➜  The Customer is responsible for the illegal use of any electronic photocopy under the Law of Ukraine “On Copyright and Related Rights,” the Civil Code of Ukraine, and other applicable legislation.

➜  The UCU Library is not responsible for using electronic photocopies and other works by the Customer.


If you have any questions, do not hesitate to write at [email protected].


To make a request for the EDD, please follow the link