We are open to cooperation and consider every possibility of joint implementation of projects, ideas, and plans. Our partners, colleagues, and helpers are the people who make it happen. Thank you all for your support and interaction!



UCU students and employees

For you, we try to create a comfortable and useful working environment so that you can study well and have a good time in our space.

We also have a number of services:

consultations on literature search;

electronic delivery of documents;

RapidILL (interlibrary loan);

ordering books;

the Universal Decimal Classification (UDC).


If you have any ideas, suggestions, or comments, please contact us: [email protected]



Publishers, organizations that distribute books and periodicals

We are responsible for cooperation. We have open reading rooms filled with books that every visitor can access, even during excursions.

We have partner publishing houses, thanks to which we receive books as a gift:

The Old Lion Publishing House, ArtHuss, Apriori, Svichado.

We also have established cooperation with 56 publishers and companies that distribute books and periodicals.


If you have an offer of such cooperation, write to acquisition librarian Iryna Parambul: [email protected].




We are gladly ready for the joint holding of literary and artistic events at The Metropolitan Andrey Sheptytsky Center and online. Meetings, literary evenings, book presentations, lectures by authors – all that can be invented.


Do you have any suggestions? Write to program and project manager  Oleksandra Yaruchyk: [email protected].



Electronic Resources

We are working hard to find opportunities to get access to electronic resources. Updated accesses can be viewed on our website.

You can inform us what electronic resources you need for learning and development or if you have the option to subscribe.


Fill out a Google form or write to head librarian Ivanna Papa: [email protected]




Collaboration with libraries in Ukraine and worldwide helps us improve workflows, innovate, share experiences, and bring even more value to our readers.

We are partners of the Ukrainian Library Association and members of several foreign profile associations, namely: American Library Association, BETH (Bibliothèques Européennes de Théologie; European Theological Libraries), and  ATLA (American Theological Library Association).


Our university also signed a multilateral memorandum, “On Cooperation of Libraries of Theological Educational Institutions of Ukraine”, which is one of the first steps on the way to the creation of the “Association of Libraries of Theological Educational Institutions of Ukraine”. The UCU library, as an integral part of the university, takes a direct part in this process. You can find more information here.


Within the framework of the memorandum, our partners are:

  • Volyn Orthodox Theological Academy;
  • Drohobych Seminary of the Blessed Priests Severyn, Yakym, and Vitaliy;
  • Ivano-Frankivsk Academy Ivana Zolotoustoho;
  • The Kyiv Three Holy Hierarchs Spiritual Seminary;
  • Ukrainian Evangelical Theological Seminary.


If you have any suggestions and recommendations, write to: [email protected]