• Cooperation

    The library of the Ukrainian Catholic University cooperates with a Scientific Library of Ivan Franko National University of Lviv and a Scientific and Technical Library of Lviv Polytechnic National University

    Together with the Lviv City Council, the Library participates in a project which aims at introducing a single reader’s ticket and a consolidated electronic catalog of public libraries in Lviv.

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    UCU Library is ready to cooperate with publishing houses to replenish its book fund and to host joint events aimed at popularizing authors and books, etc.

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    1. Mutual training of librarians to promote development and experience exchange;
    2. Holding joint scientific and methodological conferences, seminars, meetings, workshops and other events on library business;
    3. Mutual processing of funds in order to create and replenish open electronic resources to preserve and popularize national heritage;
    4. Developing measures to preserve, restore and promote Christian literature heritage;
    5. Providing consulting services in the negotiated scope, format and topic;
    6. Implementing other joint actions aimed at deepening cooperation between the contracting parties, which do not contradict the current legislation;
    7. Exchanging books in order to form, complement and improve the qualitative composition of the fund.