• Buildings

    The Library’s book funds which contain more than 146 000 books titles and about 2600 periodicals are located in two Campuses.

    Book funds of the 4-floor Sheptytsky Center are arrange according to the following principle:

    1st floor
    exhibition shelves with new books;
    2nd floor
    G-Z (Social Sciences, Arts, Philology, Literature, Applied Sciences and Bibliography);
    3rd floor
    BL-F (Theology and History), old books and special collections, current periodicals and Business School books;
    4th floor
    A-BJ (reference books and encyclopedias, Philosophy, Psychology, Cultural Studies, Aesthetics and Ethics books).

    There is an open access book depositary for researchers in the basement of the Center.

Special Collections Foundation

Valuable collections Libraries

  • It is worth noting that the Library has a number of extremely valuable collections for its guests and readers such as:

    • byzantine studies library collected by Hans-Georg Bosk, an outstanding historian specializing in medieval times and Byzantinology enlisting 2569 books;
    • an Italian-language collection of printed publications presented by mons. Scarabelli enlisting 222 books;
    • LOEB Classical Library series, a bilingual collection of original texts by ancient authors with modern English translation enlisting 476 books;
    • the collection of Fr. Ivan Shevtsiv – a researcher of history of the Greek Catholic Church – consisting of 1723 books;
    • historian Mykhailo Demkovych-Dobrianskyi’s collection enlisting 2694 books;
    • a collection of books and audio materials which was owned by a linguist Oleksiy Horbach consisting of 250 books and 72 microfilms on philology
    • Fr. Robert Taft, Professor-emeritus of Oriental Liturgy's collection (314 books);
    • books on Byzantine Studies, collected by prof. Igor Shevchenko (8080 books);
    • a collection of printed publications devoted to philosophical and ethical issues –
      gifted by Peter McCormick (4128 books);
    • theological Academic Literature gifted by the Theological Faculty of Tilburg University (8892 books);
    • a collection of books on humanitarian sciences which was owned by Mr. Yuriy Lohush (1685 books);
    • a collection of books on Cultural Studies, a gift from the Library of the Center for
      Humanitarian Studies;
    • a collection of books and a scientific archive collected by prof. Mykhailo Lesiv.


The history of the formation and development of the library of the UCU is inextricably linked with the founding of the Greek-Catholic Theological Academy …

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